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    Bússola Tech

    Bússola Tech proudly presents itself as a unique community worldwide, specifically designed to foster the growth and development of the digital transformation and institutional modernisation.
    As a facilitator of collaborative engagement, our focus is on providing a way where experiences, wisdom, and knowledge can be exchanged collaboratively, thus catalyzing the progression of Legislative Institutions toward modernization and digital transformation.
  • The shared experiences and stories we bring together are intended to inspire, educate, and ignite effective action across the globe. Recognizing the visionary leaders shaping the path of legislative modernization, we at Bússola Tech, feel privileged to provide the stage for their voices to resonate, enlighten, and inspire transformational action across Parliaments worldwide.
    Our role at Bússola Tech is to provide a neutral, unbiased platform for these invaluable exchanges to occur, championing the drive towards a modern legislative institution for its Members, Staff, and Citizens.
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    By contributing to Bússola Tech, not only are you supporting the enrichment of accessible content of resources, but you’re also helping to empower people with knowledge and a diversity of experiences.   
  • Benefits of our content

    Comprehensive Knowledge Repository

    We offer a vast, centralized collection of resources on digital transformation in legislative processes, making it a one-stop destination for legislative tech information.

    Curated Quality Content

    We focus on the quality and relevancy of our content. Every piece of information is vetted and curated to ensure it’s beneficial, practices.

    Continually Updated

    The field of legislative technology is fast-moving. We are committed to keeping pace with these changes and regularly updates our collection to include the latest developments and insights.

    Supporting Digital Transformation

    We support the mission of digital transformation in legislative processes by empowering users with knowledge and insights to drive change.

    Inclusive and Diverse Perspectives

    We believe in the importance of diverse voices and perspectives. Our content features content from a wide array of perspectives and countries.

    Promoting Learning and Innovation through events

    We promote events that encapsulate our steadfast commitment towards promoting collaboration, innovation, and progress in the legislative community across the globe.
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