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    We promote the discussion about governance, modernisation and digital transformation in the legislative


    The institutional modernisation and the digital transformation of the legislative power is a unique proposition in its specificities, when compared to the other branches of government and the private sector. Legislatures are historical and traditional institutions that safeguard the decision-making process.


    A digital transformation strategy must always be mindful of this characteristic to move forward with the institution’s modernisation without offending those traditions nor upsetting the internal balance of power.

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    This serves to say, legislatures are not averse to digital transformation, but it has a particular way to move forward.


    Bússola Tech comes to help create paths of cooperation between the legislative institutions and collaboration between public servants in the legislative, Parliamentary Staff and Members of Parliament, with the participation of Civil Society Organisations and the Private Sector.

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    Building the global community for the legislative institutional modernisation and digital transformation


    Bússola Tech is a global organisation that works in the promotion of the institutional modernisation and digital transformation in the legislative ecosystem, through parliamentary diplomacy and cooperation.


    We act as a community builder, strengthening peer-to-peer collaboration, in Legislative Houses and Parliamentary organisations.

  •  How we do it

    Parliamentary Diplomacy

    We promote a stronger level of inter-parliamentary institutional engagement and cooperation, both at the National and Subnational levels, about the digital transformation in the institution.

    Peer-to-peer exchange

    We develop a collaborative community of civil servants, Parliamentary Staff and Members of Parliament from different Legislatures with the participation of civil society organisations and the private sector.

    Cutting-edge experiences

    We map cutting-edge experiences of digital transformation in Parliaments around the world.




    Content of excellence

    We build content with the most innovative legislative houses in the world in the area of digital.